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    [pageDescription] => We are experts in providing high quality aluminium sunshades, screens, awnings and sunhoods offering shade, security and privacy to properties across Townsville and North Queensland. Call today to obtain a free quote.

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Screens, Awnings and Sunhoods

Screens, awnings and sunhoods offer versatility to your outdoor living area, supplying shade, security, privacy and appeal. Whatever your needs are, there is always an option to suit your home, business or upcoming project.

Screens, awnings and sunhoods deflect a large amount of heat, making them the ultimate solution in sun protection here in Townsville, North Queensland.

Complying with all relevant Australian Standards and Council by-laws, all Norfab screens, awnings and sunhoods are custom made to suit your needs, and are fabricated from either steel or aluminium with various styles and colours available. We use only quality materials which have an exceptional resistance to corrosion to suit the coastal areas and climatic conditions of North Queensland.

With so many options to choose from, please contact us today to arrange a free measure, quote and consultation for your custom made screens, awnings or sunhoods.

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Q: What do I need to consider when choosing my screens or awnings?
A: A few things for you to consider are: What is the main purpose of the screen/awning? Is it for supply shade or for security purposes? Are you screening of a particular area for privacy reasons? You should also consider the style of your home, colours, aesthetics and your budgets to ensure you have screening/awning that meets all of your requirements.

Q: What powdercoat colours are available?
A: You can choose any standard colour from the Dulux powdercoat range which has over 100 different colours including the Colorbond range.

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