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Balustrades and Handrails

Norfab offers handrail and balustrade systems for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications across North Queensland.

Handrail and balustrade options include; powdercoated aluminium, glass infill, steel, and stainless steel ships wire for any stairs, decks and balconies. We can also fulfill any disability requirements for grab rails or handrails.

While complying with relevant Australian Standards and Council by-laws, our fabrication methods are flexible enough to offer a comprehensive design service and we provide systems suitable for both interior and exterior conditions.

Our friendly and experienced staff can assist in designing the right custom made handrail or balustrade system to suit your needs. Our aluminium systems have a powdercoated finish to create a durable, high quality and low maintenance product. Aluminium handrails and balustrades are the most cost effective system while offering a wide range of colours and styles available.

Glass balustrading has become increasingly popular among the residential and commercial markets as it provides a clean, modern and stylish look to the staircases and balconies at your home or office without compromising your view. There are a number of railing and glass design options available with glass balustrading including aluminium framed, frameless, semi-frameless, clear or laminated to name a few.

Stainless steel ships wire balustrading is another popular design choice within the residential market being used for both internal and external applications across the Townsville region. This superior product is strong and durable and is ideal for use in coastal regions due to its corrosion resistant properties. Wire balustrading looks fantastic on staircases, balconies and decks.

For more industrial applications, we can also offer a steel option which receives a protective coating of hot dipped galvanizing for external purposes and a zinc phosphate primer coating for internal uses.

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Q: What is the standard height of a balustrade?
A: As stated in the Building Code of Australia, 1000mm from the finished floor levels on balconies, terraces or landings and 865mm from any stair nose are the standard heights.

Q: What is powder coating?
A: Powder coating is a decorative and protective coating which is applied as a dry powder and cured in an oven most commonly used on aluminium products. Powder coating comes in a variety of colours.

Q: What powdercoat colours are available?
A: You can choose any standard colour from the Dulux powdercoat range which has over 100 different colours including the Colorbond range.

Q: I’m building a new home; at what stage should I arrange a consultation/quote for balustrading?
A: A consultation can be arranged as soon as you have finalised plans of your house. That will allow you time to discuss your design requirements and choose colours. A quote can then be issued for your consideration. Once a site measurement can be carried out for fabrication, there is usually a 3 week turnaround until installation.

Q: How thick are the glass panels you use in glass balustrades?
A: The glass used in balustrading is calculated for each individual job. To determine the thickness of the glass to be used, factors like the span between supports, wind loads, height from the ground and the design of the railing (frameless, semi frameless etc) are all to be considered while complying with the Australian Standards.