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Aluminium and Glass Fencing

Norfab offer a variety of styles of fencing to cater for your preferences and lifestyle while complying with the latest Australian Standards and Council by-laws.

With a durable range of designs from traditional spear top to modern glass panels we have every option available to satisfy all of our customers’ requests. Since every project is custom made, you can personalise your fencing to suit your own design desires. Only quality materials which have an exceptional resistance to corrosion to suit the coastal areas and climatic conditions of North Queensland are used in our local Garbutt workshops.

Our fences whether steel or aluminium are suitable for privacy, security, pools and property boundaries. Norfab’s horizontal slat style fencing is a great privacy solution without compromising looks. The powder coated finish will retain its colour for years requiring very minimal maintenance.

Glass fencing can be used as an alternative to the traditional and standard aluminium type fencing. Glass provides a more aesthetically pleasing, contemporary look without compromising your view making it a very popular choice for pool areas.

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Q: What do I need to consider when choosing my fencing style?
A: A few things for you to consider are: What is the main purpose of the fence? Are you keeping children/pets in or other animals out? Are you defining your boundary or simply wanting privacy? You should also consider the style of your home, colours, aesthetics and your budgets to ensure you have a fence that meets all of your requirements.

Q: Can you remove my existing fence prior to installing the new one?
A: Yes, we will happily remove your existing fence. At your request, we can arrange to recycle the materials.

Q: What powdercoat colours are available?
A: You can choose any standard colour from the Dulux powdercoat range which has over 100 different colours including the Colorbond range.

Q: What regulations does my pool fence (including gates) need to meet?


  • The minimum height from finished ground level to the top of the barrier is 1200mm.
  • The maximum allowable gap from finished ground level to the bottom of any barrier is 100mm.
  • If your horizontal rails are a minimum of 900mm apart, the gaps in the vertical members must not exceed 100mm.
  • If your horizontal rails are less than 900mm apart, the gaps in the vertical rails must not exceed 10mm.
  • Gates must not open inwards to the pool area and must be self-closing and self-latching from all positions.
  • Pool gate latches gate must be at least 1500mm high from ground level
  • Pool gate hinges must be at lease 900mm apart

Q: How should I care for my glass fencing?
A: Wash regularly with warm mild non-abrasive cleaning liquid to clean the surface of accumulation of concentrated deposits and pollutants. Then apply a glass cleaning product following the directions for use.